Chip Duncan and Lynette Stahl obtained a defense verdict for LEC Trucking Inc and Canal Insurance Company last month in Civil District Court, Parish of Orleans. The defense had argued an impact or accident never occurred and relied upon the testimony of its driver and the state trooper to defend the case. The Court found the plaintiff’s did not carry their burden of proof and their testimony was not credible on the claimed impact. All cost were assessed against the plaintiff. In this case, on behalf of the defendants, we had filed a Motion requiring the plaintiffs to post security for cost pursuant to R.S.13§1215.(This statute applies only to Orleans Parish and should not be confused with La. R.S. 13§4522, which applies to Parishes other than Orleans). (Casimire vs Canal Insurance Company and LEC Trucking — Civil District Court, Parish of Orleans September 21, 2016).

Download decision here.