Why Duncan & Sevin

Cost Efficient Case Handling

At Duncan & Sevin, we work closely with clients to evaluate cases so that our clients’ desired outcomes are achieved in a cost-efficient manner. Once risk is assessed and success defined, we develop winning defense strategies while communicating every step of the way. We then implement those strategies within the budgetary confines set forth by the client. Timelines are developed and all attorneys understand the importance of meeting all client deadlines.

In the event that a client is clearly liable, we recommend minimal initial discovery and position the case for early resolution or mediation if that is the client’s preference. This minimizes costs and limits exposure.

Keen intellect, practical experience and passion for the law ensure that each Duncan & Sevin lawyer navigates the legal process successfully and efficiently.

Understanding Your Needs

Duncan & Sevin attorneys develop close working relationships with clients at all levels. The personal service we routinely provide clients is evident in every phase of a case. Furthermore, we understand the business considerations underlying a client’s specific legal matter and our legal strategies advance those considerations.

Our attorneys anticipate client needs through proactive due diligence. Preventative strategies are always communicated to our clients, thus conserving considerable monetary resources and manpower. When a case is first received, we evaluate the client’s potential exposure and offer a road map for a defense that is in proportion to the exposure.

Also, we are mindful of the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements placed on many of our clients and are flexible in meeting their reporting and accountability demands.

As a defense firm, we do not represent plaintiffs in personal injury litigation.


Because we value the importance of responding to a client’s needs immediately, whether an accident investigation, potential lawsuit, legal advice or up-to-the-minute state and federal legislative changes, Duncan & Sevin attorneys make themselves available to all clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For example, our attorneys are experienced in accident investigation in a variety of scenarios. We pay attention to every detail and translate what we find into winning legal strategies. We keep clients fully informed about every aspect regarding a legal matter, beginning with the initial investigation report, which is sent within 24 hours. In our experience, a case is only as good as the initial investigation to protect and memorialize the evidence.

Effective Use Of Technology

Every attorney at Duncan & Sevin uses the latest in legal technology when working with clients to advance their business and legal agendas. The firm utilizes this technology to improve client service and streamline discovery and litigation management. We are prepared to ensure that the firm’s technology is compatible with that of our clients.

Our attorneys have secure, remote access to the firm’s network and database of relevant work product at all times. Our internal databases provide knowledge management and fast access to expert witnesses, motion and brief banks, research and analysis. Duncan & Sevin can offer clients a completely paperless environment, including document imaging, digital transcripts and electronic billing.